Fishing in FVG

Fishing in Friuli Venezia Giulia is regulated by the ETP Fishing Permission Office that manages all the waters of the territory.
Fishing is open from January 1st  until December 31st  along a territory that is divided into two zones, A and B: in zone A fishing is allowed all year round but you have to follow the periodic bans on fish reproduction, while in zone B fishing is allowed from 7.00 am of the last Sunday in March to 12 pm of the last Sunday in September.

Friuli is a paradise for trout that can be found everywhere, from piedmont lakes (along with graylings) to the caves and lakes in the southern part of the region. You can also catch mullet or sea bass at the mouths of rivers and the sea.
It 'also a good area for the lovers of fly fishing, who find among the thousands of rivers, streams and torrents the perfect setting for a relaxing day in nature.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia is mandatory a fishing license issued by Fishing Permission Office after passing a theory test for the recognition of native species. Anyway it’s possible to ask for temporary permits for fishing: the hotel can attend to the paperwork for the permit application with the Fishing Permission Office, ask the Reception for more information (considering the complexity of bureaucratic procedures, it’s better to ask for permission with considerable advance.

The offer of  fishing grounds easy to reach rapidly by car is manifold, from a characteristic  mountain landscape of streams (fly-fishing with settlement of grayling and trout) to the calm warm waters of the southern part of the region (carp).

The clear waters of rivers with a unique biodiversity allow fishing for trout, grayling, char, carp, tench, barbi fish, chub, pike and catfish, while it is easy to find at the mouths of river flounders, sea bass, sea breams, breams, mullets and sea trouts.

How Hemingway used to say: "Fishing is a philosophy, a way to deal with life." So relax and go fishing!

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