Between the sea and the neighboring Slovenia, at the south-eastern edge of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, there lies the Carso, hilly territory mainly covered by Mediterranean vegetation and made up of calcareous rocks modeled in thousands of years by surface and underground waters which created all of the wonders you can admire during this tour.

Visit the cliffs of Trieste coast, the natural water sources of Timavo River, the botanical gardens of Sgonico. Walk or ride a bike along the hundreds of mapped paths of Carso, or discover new ones. See the Giant Cave (the world largest show cave), the carsic valleys, the natural wells hidden in this mysterious territory and then have something to eat at the picturesque “OSMIZZE”, family-owned folksy inns where wines and local delicious foods can be tasted.


Carsic territory is definitely unique for its characteristics. Carso is the rocky bare plateau embracing Trieste and the south-eastern edge of Friuli Venezia Giulia across the old boundary till Slovenian territory.

In the carsic land, behind every rock a stone wall once delimiting the perimeter of an ancient bronze age village, or a fissure leading to a spectacular gorge, or a particular flora that due to the microclimate of a carsic valley grows undisturbed making richer this apparently desert land can be found.

A landscape modeled by the slow but never ending work of water that erodes the limestone, digs tunnels and caves, rests in small ponds, flows underneath the surface along paths still unknown. A territory impossible to explore in every cave, cavern or rock, as if Carso itself was jealous of its secrets. Fragments of history, tales of really happened or legendary tragedies are scattered all over this area mysterious and fascinating as the natural wonders it guards: shaped by winds and waters, the rock is its spirit.

You can use the car or go by bike, visit the numerous castles (Rocca di Monfalcone, Duino Castle or Miramare Castle and its natural reserve), have a refreshing rest in the pleasant sea at Sistiana or Duino, go to the most famous caves (Giant Cave, Cave of Postumia in Slovenia), or simply you can indulge in pleasures of foods and wines. Don’t forget to taste a glass of Terrano wine!

N°. adults